I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask.

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.

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LOVED.. amazing lay....

I added u already...


its Lecker from THUS.
Adding youuu :P

I'm so happy to see you here!! <333

Hey! it's xBill xKaulitz from THUS ^^


Its redwax from THus

Add meee pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease *puppy eyes*


I added you to my livejournal.
Haven't been on your website in ages, but had some time today and saw the entry. Looking forward to your graphics :)


10x fo tha add ^^

Hey its Cory from THUS. I added you.

I'm from thus, I love your graphics *_______*

hey ines!
hab dich geaddet! ;)

Love your layout <3
*added you as a friend*


Please add me!! I really would like to be your friend.

Hi! (:
I saw some comments in THUS about your graphics so I'd really love to see some of them, please.

*adding you*

It's Amra (:
I love your graphics and everything, you know it already. So, I would love to be friends here with you (: <3


You know, I have known you forever for you graphics, and I was just thinking, why am I not personal friends with her? Lol,

Hey. I added you. MelaKoma from THUS. ^^

Just saw some icons from you. I'm interested in your work. Can I be added? ^^

i've seen your graphics on bill-thotel.piczo.com, i'd like to be added cause they're great! *o*

Hey! I saw you're link on THUS. I'd love to see you're graphics =)

Yoyo, I'm Lyn from THus. aka Miu. :33 I like your graphics, adding. <3

Hallo 3> i hab dein LJ von THUS gefunden .

Can i add you ? ~xD

Entschuldigung , mein Deutsch ist noch zu schlecht =.="

hey can i add you as friend? i wanna see your works so.. (x

ziggy @THUS or NyxIsis@twitter. add me?!?

I like your graphics, can you add me plz? :)

hey, i saw your work in your site and loved... please add me. thank you.

may I add you? :3 I love your graphics insanely *-*

of course :D i added you :)

huhu! kenn dich vom 4fans forum, und jetzt wo ich dein icon gesehn habe is des noch n grund mehr dich zu adden :D :D

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